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    Jawad Ahmad

    Why “Mastitis”, inflammation of mammary glands, is always more prevalent in exotic animals ?

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    Waqas Zaki

    There could be a lot of factors behind this problem. I think that exotic animals face an entirely new set of micro-flora in our local conditions against which they have little or no immunity, so they are easily infected and become victims of mastitis. Secondly, they are placed in unhygienic conditions and handled by non technical workers which adds insult to injury. There are lot more factors involved e.g. degree of stress to exotic animals, change of enviornment, hand milking, contaminated fomite etc.

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    Jawad Ahmad

    Thank you Waqas Zaki. Also inform others about this discussion forum.

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    Temur Ahsan

    because they have big udders a.c.t the local breeds

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    be informed.

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